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avocado joy
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Yes, my newest obsession: avocados! I always hated guacamole, so I avoided avocados like the plague, but just to be polite at a friend's house, recently, I tasted the slice of raw avocado she'd included in a salad. Bam! Love at first bite. We bought 8 avocados for me in our last shopping trip. I've been gobbling down one a day. Apparently--this according to One Who Knows--this is the return of an old flame, not a new love: when I was about a year old, I was basically Avocado & Banana Girl. (So maybe I'll get seriously back into bananas someday? Mmm, probably not.) Regardless, I'm blissed-out every time I eat one. Yum, yum, yum. I even ate my daily avocado today before I ate my first of the chocolate-chip cookies. Now there's commitment...

I'm also happy because I just got the confirmation brochure for our cottage holiday--I'm taking Patrick to the Lake District for his birthday weekend in a few weeks. I can't write here exactly where we're going, because he's not allowed to know any details until we're actually in the car on the Thursday that we leave, but oh, am I excited! Especially because I booked the holiday straight from a Pets Welcome UK travel guide, without pictures. Getting the brochure with gorgeous pictures and wonderful extras I didn't even know about makes me want to dance. Soon, when the wooziness is far behind me...

And best of all, I've been feeling better today than I have in weeks. I didn't even feel the first spin of dizziness until past noon. Knock on wood, I think I'm really getting better!

And I'm nearly done with Chapter Twenty of Music of the Stars. Life feels good today!

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