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good news and (almost) sunshine
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So here's a question for all you Californians (or, for that matter, anyone else who knows the answer): is the San Francisco Examiner a paper newspaper, or just an online one? Has anyone ever heard of it? I haven't been to San Francisco since I was six, so I'm just completely clueless about local media. But anyway, I'm really happy about the SF examiner today, because their entertainment column (last week, though I've only just found out about it) gave a lovely mention to Stitching Time! Very, very cool. A nice Friday piece of news, especially since Patrick also just found out today about a really good SFRevu review of his story "The Western Front" in this month's The Third Alternative. We are a happy household today.

In keeping with the good news, today's sky is the brightest it's been since Saturday. Still no blue in the sky--hey, no miracles here--but the air is warm, with a lovely breeze, and the sky is a bright gray. Nika and I walked to the park with a friend and I took off my jacket. Life is getting pretty wild around here.

And last night Patrick and I watched the worst SF movie we'd seen in a long, long time: Cypher. The plot was SO byzantine, SO complex, SO absurd, and SO hard to follow, and at the very end, there was a priceless moment. Lucy Liu explained, at last, every detail of the intricate (and wildly implausible) conspiracy that had been going on to Jeremy Northam and he protested:

"It makes no sense!"
"It makes perfect sense!" she hissed.

And Patrick and I just collapsed into laughter.

Damn. I have got to figure out a way to use those lines in my next novel, at the climax. I felt such sympathy for those screenwriters.

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