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Deadlines and other monsters...
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Well, I gave up. The thesis chapter is not going out tonight. Ohhhhhh, that feels really bad. Sadly, I had to finally admit to myself that (a) there was no way I could finish the last two-thirds of the chapter today, and (b) it had never been a do-able plan to do most of the chapter's research AND write it, all within four weeks. This sucks. Aren't I supposed to be able to power through and make any deadline, no matter how difficult? The answer, sadly, is...maybe not.

This is never a lesson I'm happy to learn.

Luckily, my supervisor is angelically understanding, so it turns out that there won't be any external catastrophes...but depression and self-loathing are rampant right now. Infusions of chocolate are a Must, very soon.

Meanwhile, I'm off, back to the chapter. Maybe I can chunk out another 50 words by the time Patrick gets home from work...

Read/Post Comments (4)

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