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good stuff
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I spent yesterday so exhausted from lack of sleep (I'd had a restless night, worrying about thesis deadlines, everything else I needed to get done, etc.) that I felt like I was having to peel my eyes open as I blinked at my thesis on the computer screen yesterday afternoon. My target was to write three pages, but I wrote--then deleted--then tried to write--deleted more, leaving me with less than I'd started with....Gaaarghhhhhhh.... Finally, finally, I managed to get my brain moving, hammered out the first two pages, stared at the screen with agony and dislike--and then got some ideas. I ended up writing four pages (just over 1000 words), felt really happy even though it was already six o'clock and I'd wanted to be done hours earlier, and decided to reward myself with one last, pointless email check before heading out to the kitchen to start washing up dishes before dinner.

And I had good email! I've been invited to a job interview! A "real" job interview! I am so happy about this. Best of all, it's for the job I ((whisper this bit)) really want, working for the local opera company. Obviously, anything could happen, but I'm just so pleased to have made the shortlist. Sadly, the interview will be the day after I get back from America, so I will be exhausted and jet-lagged to the nth degree...but at least it's in the afternoon, so I'll have some chance of being awake. Wish me good vibes! (And of course the way it all worked out felt like I was being rewarded for having gotten the darned thesis pages written after all.)

I only managed to write a page of the novel yesterday morning (see: exhaustion, etc.), but everything feels very good regardless. This morning I have to head into the university to get my student loan deferment papers signed again (sigh--every single term I have to do this, every single time the signed & stamped form gives the same end-date, October 2005...and every term, like clockwork, that particular student loan claims to be due since I've now graduated!!!) and drop off some library books. Then back home for three more thesis pages.

Must finish chapter by tomorrow. Countdown begins!

Read/Post Comments (6)

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