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Pub crawl
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Okay, no, I was cheating...we only went to one pub today. But I was lost for title ideas, ok? :)

It's suddenly gotten really hot and humid in Leeds, which has been a big shock. After our walk with Nika in the valley this afternoon (which was lovely, but which turned into a sweaty trudge on the way back up the three hills at the end!), Patrick and I decided that long, cold drinks were in order, so we headed to the local pub. (They've recently repainted the building bright peach and set palm trees just outside. It still doesn't look tropical.) Patrick drank (alcoholic) cider, I drank red wine, we both got nicely tipsy, and we made lists of what would be fun in a book, for each of us. By the end of the hour-and-a-half, I'd come up with the germ of a novel idea that made me really excited! I'm not going to talk too much about it yet (for fear of stomping out all the sparks), but here are a few things from my list:

Steph's List of Fun Stuff in Novels:
1. Balls
2. Banter
3. Duels
4. Cool disguises
5. Women cross-dressing
6. Dangerous magic

Audience question: How about you guys? What are your personal fun lists? The rules are: they have to really be what you think is fun, not what seems cool/impressive or what other people would like.

Making my list felt silly, but it made me super happy! I've been trudging along, doggedly trying to force myself into being interested in Thief of Souls, with no sparks flying at all (like going on a very long date with someone who's very worthy and yet not at all attractive), and today I finally realized that it's because I'm trying to write someone else's novel. In other words, I'm trying to write the kind of novel that other people would find cool and fun, instead of the kind that I would it's been very boys'-own spy-thriller-y, which is all okay but not what I like reading. So I'm re-thinking my strategy.

Last night we watched the first two episodes of Season Two of Spaced, one of the best-ever British sitcoms (written-and-acted by the same team who did Shaun of the Dead). I'd been feeling really depressed after a crappy afternoon, but Spaced made me laugh hysterically. It's just awesome. Can't wait to watch more episodes tonight.

Patrick's napping on the couch, Nika's napping in her crate, and I'm starting to feel surprisingly sleepy. Maybe it's time to drink some caffeine.

Happy weekend, everybody!

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