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weekend happy
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Last night I phoned in a totally luxurious, decadent take-out order (two fabulous pizzas, starters AND a tiramisu for my dessert) to our favorite Italian pizza restaurant, left work, and wandered down to pick up the food with a stop by the organic/fair-trade grocery store on the way to pick up ginger-wine vegan truffles for Patrick and a bottle of red wine for us to share. I love working downtown! When I got home, Nika flung herself on me joyfully (Nika gives fantastic welcomes after a long day at work), Patrick kissed me, and we feasted to celebrate the end of my first week at work. After dinner, we wandered down to the closest open field and played running games with Nika, then ended the evening with the last two episodes of Angel Season Two. It was a really lovely way to end the week.

I emailed off Masks & Shadows to a kind friend in America on Thursday morning (so that the novel can be printed on 8.5x11" paper), and it was amazing how much of an effect that had on my writing. I'd been feeling so lackadaisacal about every novel idea, even my Fun Novel Project, completely lacking in energy...until I sent off Masks & Shadows! Thursday at lunchtime, I sat in the Borders cafe flipping through my notebook, planning to brainstorm some short story ideas (since I figured novels were out of the question), and I came across the notes I'd started making on my Fun Novel. I almost giggled out loud, I got so pleased and excited. I thought about it through the rest of lunch, and that night just before sleep, a prologue to the novel seized me and demanded to be written down. Wahoo! New novel! Hurray!

Now I'm on my way out to get my highlights redone (thank goodness), and this afternoon the Village Fete is taking place across the street. Cream teas! Used books! Jumble sales! Good times.

Yay for weekends!

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