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Friday Friday
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It seems odd to be glad that it's Friday when I've been off work for most of the week. But Led Zeppelin is blasting from our iPod through the stereo, I'm feeling more energetic than I have in about two weeks, and I'm loving that Friday feeling.

It's amazing how good it feels just to start feeling healthy after being sick for so long. I have no idea whether this is a temporary surge in good feelings caused only by lots of sleep, or whether the antibiotics are working, but I'm grateful for the moment, regardless.

[Edit(3pm): Drat it, that really was temporary. Oh well. Felt good at the time, anyway.]

And I'm soooo psyched about Worldcon! I'm starting to make lists of all the stuff I want to bring, and everyone I know who's going. Not enough people, drat it--the first Worldcon Patrick & I could afford since 2001, and most of the people I know aren't going! But I can't wait to see the people who will be there. Also, neither Patrick nor I have ever been to Glasgow before, so I'm really looking forward to the long weekend of being a city-tourist. I love going to new cities and just wandering around them, and since we'll be at Worldcon for 5 days, I feel no compunction about disappearing from the con for hours and hours at a time to go coffee-shopping or just architecture-watching. Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to go in Glasgow?

Yesterday, my only writing was a piddling little sentence- addition/deletion here and there on the science fiction story, "Learning the Rules". Today, though, I've finally resolved my issues with historical accuracy on the new novel (Ah, screw it was my exact decision, actually) (although I may well try to come up with a good alternate-historical explanation), so I'm ready to get started on Chapter Four of my Congress of Vienna novel. The working title so far is either Shadow Dance or Congress of Shadows....urk....I'm not entirely crazy about either of those options but can't decide between them. Any preferences? Or better ideas? I like the idea of having "Shadow" in the title to fit with Masks & Shadows, since it's a bit of a follow-up novel (although not a sequel)....

Ah well. I'm getting to the babbling point, so I'll sign off now. Happy Friday, everybody!

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