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Strudels, Mini-Sets and Coming Soon...
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Mmm. 9:40 a.m., and I’ve just finished up a good writing session at the Starbucks a block away from my office. With the help of a latte and a luscious slice of apple strudel (brought in from home), I just finished up Chapter Seven, putting me 95 pages into the novel and at the end of (unofficially) Part One. I feel like I’ve set up pretty much all the plot threads and beginning complications and conflicts, and now I just have to see how they play themselves out. Of course, I’m still only hitting about 2 typed pages a day, which is waaaaay less than my ideal...but what the heck. At least my progress has been a whole lot more consistent this week, and I’m feeling a whole lot better for it. Morning writing sessions are so much better for me, always.

Yesterday at work I had one of the coolest experiences ever--getting to go to a talk by the director and the designer for two of our upcoming operas, looking at the (adorable) little mini-set models that have been built for the productions (with teeny little props! So cute!) and listening to them talk through the way they see the operas, their creative concepts and the decisions they’ve made. It felt a little like watching really good movie extras, only ahead of time and in person instead of on DVD. The productions do sound incredibly cool, and it was just so neat to have that insight into the creative process. It made me want to be a director, next.... :) Well, no, not entirely, but it was really fun, and it’s one of the best perks of working in an active opera company, instead of studying historical opera productions from an academic standpoint. I would love to get even more involved in the creative parts, as my career goes on.

And last night we took several pictures of Nika wrestling with her Minnendrake, so Ikea’s lack of pictures shall be soon be made up for! I’ll post the pictures by this weekend. I held up the Minnendrake beside me, and it’s taller than I am when stretched out, so it’s at least 5’4”. (And no--before anyone helpfully points this out to me!--I know I’m not quite that tall...but it’s taller than me, right, so...)

Ooh, and the coolest news--“Some Girlfriends Can” will be performed on Escape Pod sometime in the next 2-3 weeks! Hurray! I can’t wait.

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