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Frustration and Pemberley
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Damn, damn, damn. Going to work really knocked me out on Friday, but I kept telling myself I would rest all weekend--which I did--and feel better by Monday--which I didn't. So I went in to the doctor's office this morning and found out that I've got an upper respiratory & throat infection. I've been prescribed antibiotics and a full week off work. Which I really didn't want to have to take right now, from a professional standpoint... Bleaggh.

Ever since I got back, I've been lying on the couch petting Nika and listening to Evanescence's album Fallen, which is perfectly angsty music to express my mood. Patrick had to leave this morning before I woke up and won't be back until about 11pm, so I don't have anyone to vent to...and I could just kick myself for getting sick again. I've always had a crappy immune system, but this year is definitely setting a new record.

But now I'm going to stop complaining. Really.

We watched Vanilla Sky on Friday, which I really, really liked--a much darker film than I'd ordinarily watch, but it's such a nice change to watch a science fictional film with such intelligent writing. Every time I even thought, "Oops, well, there's a Hollywood moment of falseness, but never mind, it's so good otherwise that I don't care", it turned out by the end of the movie to have been intentional and actually make total sense--like pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle, all neatly fitting together. So cool. I love Cameron Crowe's movies--can't wait till Elizabethtown comes out. And the new Pride & Prejudice, woohoo--just four more days! With luck, I'll be feeling good enough to go out and see it by then. I just found out that Pemberley, in this version, was filmed at Chatsworth Hall, a historic 'stately home' very close by to where we live. Coolest of all, a few props from the film stayed behind--a friend of mine (and fellow Jane Austen geek) visited Chatsworth last weekend and found that the film crew had left behind an elaborate bust of Matthew McFadyen (the actor who plays Darcy). Needless to say, she got a photo taken of herself next to the bust!

I am such a nerd, but what the heck. I'll definitely be in the audience in the first two days of showing, as long as the penicillin works. :)

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