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I'm off hideously early tomorrow morning for my train to the Manchester Airport. (Our car is still working...but...well, it's hard to rely on something that only seems to be running based on a freak miracle that might be withdrawn at any moment!) In the meantime, I started work again yesterday, I've finished my antibiotics but am still feeling pretty woozy (and oh, how I hope that symptom goes away before I have to run around airports tomorrow!), and best of all, I've gotten back into Chapter Eight, with 2-1/2 new pages yesterday and 1-1/2 the day before. Not hugely impressive numbers, I admit, but such a good feeling after two weeks of being blocked! And I'm really enjoying myself with the story and characters right now.

I will have internet this weekend, but don't know if I'll be posting (depending on how frantically busy I am) just in case: have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend, everybody, and wish me a good trip!

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