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Hollow Laughter
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Well, if you ever want to make the universe laugh, just start making plans...

Yesterday, we got in from the train station at about 4:30 and got in the car at 5 to drive out and pick Nika up from the kennel...just as the massive rush hour traffic jam began around our area. The car began to make juddering motions. At approximately 5:30, and only about a mile or so from our house, it STOPPED. Just stopped, and wouldn't start again. The motorists stuck behind us were not amused. Neither were we.

Gaaah. Luckily, we have wonderful friends. One of them picked me up and drove me out to pick up Nika while Patrick waited for the breakdown crew to tow the car home. So, both Nika and the car are back at the house now...but the car just isn't moving. And we're thinking that we may not be able to start saving for any mortgages just yet after all...

Oh well. Edinburgh, of course, was beautiful. Gorgeous, old,
wonderfully atmospheric, and we didn't even do half of the things we'd planned to while we were there. We did do lots of writing and lots of tourist-ing, though, and had a really fantastic time. For the first time, I actually sat down and read straight through the manuscript-so-far of Congress of Shadows, and realized, with huge relief, that it really does all fit together thematically...and better yet, I've figured out what happens next! Thank goodness. I even finished Chapter Eleven. Now, on to Chapter Twelve...

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