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gods of love and silly quizzes
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Well, bah. I didn't do any writing yesterday after all, because when I got up my head started spinning and I ended up feeling really sick for the next few hours.

My Thought for the Day: Sickness Sucks. 'Nuff said.

At least it's making me feel more kindly disposed toward the whole tonsilectomy idea...

Apart from crappy sickness issues, though, everything is going pretty well. I just finished reading Justina Robson's new novel Living Next Door to the God of Love, which absolutely blew me away. Living Next Door... is smart, poweful science fiction, mixed with gorgeous fantasy imagery and one of the sharpest, darkest looks at the nature of relationships, love, and power, that I've read in a long time, if ever. This is the kind of book that sticks with you for a long time after reading it. (Disclosure for fairness' sake--Justina is a good friend of mine, and I had read two drafts of this book before it was published, each of which I'd loved...but that makes it even more impressive just how much of an effect the published version had on me. I loved, loved, loved this book. So read it! :) )

And just for fun, this wonderfully silly quiz I found through Gwenda, which answers the age-old question "What kind of Regeny heroine are you?":

Dearie me, you are a Hoyden! You may have
brothers, but it is most likely you are the
indulged only daughter of an affectionate
father and a mother who died when you were an
infant. You have been known to wear breeches,
refuse to ride sidesaddle and know how to use a
pistol or a rapier. There is a distinct
possibility that you will become embroiled with
smugglers. You are definitely cheeky and
fearless. Your hero will at first mistake you
for a boy, but his inexplicable attraction to
you will lead him to deduce that you are in
fact female. He will be torn between his
respect for your daring and skill at manly
pursuits, and his irrational yet intense fear
for your safety, which will manifest itself in
him becoming very angry with you. You will, of
course, not recognise the fear beneath his
anger, and will shout right back at him - there
is a good possibility things will turn steamy
at this point. The situation will resolve
itself either in you taming your wild ways
because you can't bear to cause him concern, or
in you rescuing him, leading to a compromise in
which he recognises and respects your
abilities, and you take fewer risks. Let us
hope it is the latter.

The Regency Romance Quiz: What kind of Romance Heroine are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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