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Christmas Market goodness
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Well, if you have to go back to work after two weeks, confront a mountain of urgent emails and a host of missed deadlines...well, then, I just can't imagine a nicer way than to get to break it up with a trip to the Frankfurt/Leeds Christmas Market. Sadly, it was smaller than ever this year, but still, I got to meet Patrick, sip hot red Gluehwein, and eat a slice of luscious marzipan Stollen cake. Life was pretty darned good.

In other good news, Patrick has put up his wonderful short story The Western Front (originally published in The Third Alternative, and nominated for the British Science Fiction Association Awards, 2005) up on his website. Free reads, hurray!

And I now have a title for my new short-short, after a serendipitous consensus of suggestions from first readers: "Copper Fur, Yellow Leaves". I'm feeling happy. :)

Best of all, when I got home tonight I found out that Patrick had not only done dishes and cooked dinner but also made raisin bread in the breadmaker. Now--with 10 minutes to go before it finishes--the smell of hot baking raisin bread is filling up our house, and I can't wait for tomorrow's breakfast. Today was really exhausting, but getting to come home to Patrick and Nika is just fantastic.

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