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Christmas tree pic !
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Well, none of the pictures of our tree worked out perfectly--shiny indoor Christmas lights just don’t like the flash on our camera (but don’t work at all without it)--but here is a photo of our Christmas tree anyway (with Nika jumping in to share the action), just because I love it.

This is our first Christmas tree, even though Patrick and I have been living together for over three and a half years. Last night, we turned off all the ceiling lights and just stood together in the living room gazing at the beautiful lights on our tree. It felt amazing.

This has been a really, really good weekend, full of writing on both our novels and long walks with Nika. Yesterday, for the first time in weeks, we walked to the park--Nika’s favorite place in the Whole World--and she just went ballistic with joy, barreling around the field in swooping circles and playing with every dog she saw.

To polish off the goodness, we sat down today with schedules and budgets and decided that yes, we can go to America in May. And yes, this does mean: Wiscon Goodness!!!! Hurray!!!! I’m so excited. Wiscon last year was by far the most fun I’ve ever had at a con, and the only flaw was that Patrick couldn’t be there with me. I just can’t wait to go together and meet up again with all the incredibly cool people I got to hang out with there last year. Woot!

Now just seven more days till Christmas.... :)

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