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Oh, I'm tired. And more than just physically tired--drained. On Sunday, I did a major rewrite on Masks & Shadows and then wrote the full 30-ish minute opera talk straight through the rest of the day, finishing exactly in time for bedtime. I was really pleased to have finished it, and really pleased with the result...but then I went back to work yesterday after having worked straight through the weekend, sat down at lunchtime to do new writing...and ran thunk! into a wall. No More Creativity. All Used Up. Oof...

But anyway, enough whining. I have been having a lovely time surfing through Jasper Fforde's amazing website (I can't even imagine how long he's spent on it, but I am in awe). I particularly enjoyed The Seven Wonders of Swindon. (Take time to read the full details on each of them--it's well worth it!) I'm also, none-too-coincidentally, halfway through his Thursday Next series, and chortling muchly.

Tomorrow I'll give my first pre-opera talk, so tonight, I'll be practicing reading it, and hoping that no one thinks of any hard questions to ask me afterwards. (My plan for answers: "But everyone knows that! What a stupid question!" -- and then I'll lunge out of the room and hide in the orchestra room backstage....)

Read/Post Comments (4)

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