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More reasons to smile
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Happy happy happy. :)

Reasons to smile today:

  • I woke up not feeling woozy again--this feels like a minor miracle. And I'm feeling noticeably better from yesterday. At this point, I'm fairly certain that I won't be completely back to health by Monday, but I'm already feeling so much better that I'm happy to deal with waiting one more week for the last lingering bits of the illness to clear away. I'm just so happy to be feeling better, at long last.

  • The marvelous Betsy Lundsten of Wiscon has cleared up all my admin problems. I am happily and unreservedly in tune with Wiscon again. :)

  • Will Shetterly pointed out this wonderful article on How to Win A Sword Fight, a godsend for any author or lover of swashbucklers.

  • I realized that yesterday's sale marked my 12th short story sale. (Only 10 of them will show up on my website, btw, because the first two were written so long ago that I'm no longer pointing them out in public...I'd hate to have anyone look for them, read them, and say, ohhh, she isn't a very strong writer, is she??? but still, they count toward the marker in my head.) A dozen seems like a really improbably lovely marker point to have hit, and well worth celebrating, especially since a few years ago I was hideously certain that I would never sell anything Ever Again. (Okay, actually, as Patrick & my brothers can attest, I go through those phases of hideous certainty All The Time. But as of a few years ago, I hadn't sold anything for years. Literally.) Showing again why she is a princess among friends, Justina bought me a bottle of champagne last night to celebrate.

  • Right now, Radio3 is playing cool medieval Spanish cantigas, full of joyfully jangling percussion and crazy woodwind instruments that sound a lot like bagpipes (but surely can't be???)

  • And finally, this lovely kooky picture, which made me laugh out loud the first time I saw it
  • .

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