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Bright new shiny things
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Patrick's just launched his shiny new website, using a content management system he wrote himself - woohoo! Check it out.

He also made a nice new banner for my website, just in time for me to finally get my domain name back (big sigh of relief). I love having a husband who likes to take care of web stuff for me! :) Actually we have a pretty good balance of web labor, nowadays, based on our complementary day jobs (he programs and designs web pages; I write copy for them). Now I just need to get around to rewriting the copy on my own webpage--I've been tired of the stuff on my front page for a while now but haven't gotten quite motivated enough to actually revise it...


I phoned the vets this afternoon and was told that the results for Nika's biopsies are in, but the receptionist couldn't tell us what they were. Now we're just waiting with bated breath to get a call from the vet (and praying that they'll actually result in a clear diagnosis and treatment...).


In the meantime, I've figured out a veryvery tentative working title for my new Regency YA fantasy: Kat by Moonlight. It's still very silly but I'm having a lot of fun with it.

In today's section, Kat faces her father and step-mother, having chopped off all her hair the night before. (See earlier entry for details.)

I walked into the breakfast room at eight o’clock, and Step-Mama’s jaw fell wide open, exposing a mouth full of mashed kippers.

“Katharine Ann Stevenson!” she uttered, in a dreadful tone. “Whatever have you done to your hair?”

I dipped a curtsey to Papa and made my way to the sideboard, where bread and jam and kippers were laid out. “I like it,” I said.

“I thought something was different,” Papa said, with quiet satisfaction. “Good morning, dear.”

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