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Tiramisu Mmm
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Yup, that's the level of this entry:

Tiramisu. Mmm....

Patrick and I finally went out to celebrate last week's story karma by having lunch today at Pizza Express, our favorite pizza restaurant. I forced myself to eat only half of my pizza (it's authentic Italian pizza, ergo one pizza per person, or, as an Austrian waitress first sternly explained it to me many years ago, "Ein pizza fuer einen Person!!!"). That left me room for gorgeous Tiramisu. Cream, coffee, liqueor, a dash of chocolate...heck, what could be bad?

Well, it's still a little hard to move, with my stomach so full. But I'm not complaining.


I've set aside Kat by Moonlight, at least for now, because I realized that, drat it all, I'd started a novel that wasn't actually about the heroine. I'd made up this great, naturally active and high-spirited protagonist, and then tossed her into a book where her sisters do all the action, and it's really all about them. Maybe that might be interesting as a literary experiment, but not as a high-spirited romp novel.


So I'm back in the usual between-books swamp. The problem is, I'm still so invested in Congress of Shadows that it's hard to come up with a really pressing interest in anything else, but it's way too soon to start revising that--I need to take at least a full two months between first and second drafts, or else I have no perspective.

But oh, how I hate being stuck between projects.

In the meantime, what I'm good for at the moment seems to be revising. That's no bad thing--I've revised two short stories in the past week (both ones I liked on first draft but couldn't figure out how to polish), and I'm glad to be getting them ready to send out.

But I'm tapping my fingers waiting until I can get back into CoS.

In good news, my story "By the Light of the Dark" has been shifted back from Issue 3 (September 2007) to Issue 2 (March 2007) of GrendelSong. Hurray! I'm always happy to have less-delayed gratification.

And speaking of waiting time...less than 3 weeks until Wiscon! Woot!

Read/Post Comments (3)

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