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Taking action
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So, we've had the car for a couple of weeks now. The first time we tried it out, we thought, "huh, the air conditioning isn't very good, is it?" But really, it was such a good car that it didn't seem worth not buying it just because the air conditioning wasn't very good.

Then we drove it around for the past two weeks, and thought, "My God, the air conditioning is terrible." In fact, we even wondered whether it was doing anything at all. And we spent about two weeks complaining about it and wondering if we were just being paranoid...

And then a massive heat spell hit Leeds and we realized that, no, the air conditioning just doesn't work at all. So, after days of agonizing and procrastinating, we took it back to the dealers to see if they would cover the problem under their warranty (if, in fact the problem even existed).

So. Within an hour of actually arriving at the dealer's, we were re-directed to the garage they work with, and the air conditioning (oh miracle) was fixed. Icy cool air now blows from the vents, and we luxuriate in the coldness.

We are much, much happier now. And hey, it being us, two weeks isn't that long to have waited before actually taking action and getting the easy one-hour solution...

Also yesterday, we finally got a referral for Nika to go to a veterinary dermatologist. We'll be taking her to her first appointment tomorrow. She isn't any better yet, but at least it feels like we're taking a positive step.

And we got one piece of good news today: our co-written story, "Fire Magic", got a really nice review in Horrorscape. Mmm. Maybe I'll stop obsessing about the difference between the PDF and paper versions now...

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