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Writing afternoons
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This has been a good writing week. On Monday, for the first time, I finally gathered up the courage to start actively rewriting the opening of Congress of Shadows (hurray!), yesterday I had a great writing date with Justina where I got through the opening 30 pages, and today I managed to figure out an all-new background, set of motivations and character arc for a minor character. Whew. Now just 460 more pages to go...urk!

I'm so grateful that I get to have my afternoons off right now. It won't last forever - for one thing, Patrick & I plan to alternate half-time jobs, so that we both get that opportunity - but right now it's working really well for me. I sat down in a cafe (Pret a Manger, mmmmmm - luscious almond croissants and so cheap) at 2:30 this afternoon; by 3:00 I was tearing out my hair, convinced that I was way too tired and mentally burned-out today to do any writing....and then from 3:20 to 5:00 I wrote steadily. Whew. I would so love to learn how to skip the first part of the process, but in the meantime, I'm feeling fairly productive for the first time in way, way too long.

And I have new writing music! I discovered a fantastic band in Sweden - Garmarna. The best way to sample them is to watch their crazy music videos, free online (click on "Sweden" at the top of the page, then find them alphabetically in the list of Swedish bands) - much fun. I love Swedish folk-rock bands...

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