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O frabjous day!
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After a month and a half of betwixt-and-betweening, I have a student ID again! - and therefore, best of all, I have access to the graduate school library. I am very, very happy. Right now I'm typing on my laptop on a desk with three books on it, just from my first (and very brief) pass through the shelves - Derek Beales, Enlightenment and Reform in Eighteenth-Century Europe; Charles Nicholl, The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe; and John Mebane, Renaissance Magic and the Return of the Golden Age: The Occult Tradition and Marlowe, Jonson and Shakespeare. One of the books is for my thesis; one might or might not be relevant for future novels; they all look enormously fun.

I'm happy to be back in the library again.

(And just to prove what a total geek I am, I got really excited when I saw that Sarah Monette's posted the entirety of her doctoral thesis online: It Harrows Me With Wonder: Horror and Haunting in Early Modern Revenge Tragedy. I thought Melusine was brilliant - can't wait to read her lit crit. SarahP, when are you going to post your thesis? :) )

In the meantime, I'm midway through Chapter One of the Swedish historical werewolf novel, which is verrrrrry tentatively called (working-title-only) Court of Wolves. I'm really enjoying my heroine's POV right now, as she snarls over people interrupting her alchemical work in the Drottningholm Palace Library. So much fun. :)

Read/Post Comments (5)

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