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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody. And warnings: this is going to be a cheesy entry, for anybody who doesn't love Thanksgiving. But I do - not the terrible embarrassing political history, but the modern holiday that brings friends and family together, the time we're all supposed to take a moment to think about what we're genuinely thankful for. And it always feels important to me to take that moment.

This has been a really tough year. From long, drawn-out illnesses on both our parts, to multiple deaths of people we loved... After we lost Nika, there was a while when I just didn't know how to go on. I still miss her every day, every minute, and it hurts so badly.

But we have kept going. And this year I'm really thankful for so many things. For the friendships in this community which have given me so much support in horrible times - thank you guys so much for all the comments you left during my illness, Nika's illness, the aftermath - and for the lovely supportive emails too, and macaroni 'n cheese comfort cookbooks. :) It's felt so good to have that connection.

I'm really thankful to be with Patrick. Words can't even express how thankful I feel for that. We've been together for nearly five and a half years now, and it keeps getting better, more and more solid and right. Losing Nika could have broken either of us on our own. Together, we've taken such good care of each other and kept each other moving, not just curled up in depression and stasis.

I'm so thankful for my family, who have given me so much love and support this year even though we're in different countries. And for the luck I have had with writing over the past year. Out of all those impossible fantasies I used to have, so many have been turned into reality, and sometimes - way too often - I forget that, just focusing on the goals I haven't achieved yet, the dreams that haven't come true.

Have a really wonderful Thanksgiving, everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful day, full of people you love (whether they're in the room eating with you or connected by the phone or internet), enjoying really excellent food and drink, and celebrating everything that's been good for you this year.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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