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Christmas Shame and Cheese
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I'm feeling tired and still a bit woozy (I've got one more day left on my first round of antibiotics, but I'm guessing that I'll need another week of drugs to completely get rid of this tonsillitis), but at least I managed to get my last international-airmail-Christmas package put into the mail yesterday, which eases my Christmas Shame a little bit... (Bad enough for gifts to arrive after Christmas; but actually sending the gifts after Christmas would have felt much worse!) I was comparing Christmas Shame measurements with a friend yesterday and feeling much reassured by being in pretty similar states of lateness, inefficiency, etc. Patrick and I won't be doing Christmas cards this year...but I've decided that last year's Christmas card-efficiency should actually be considered an unusual (albeit pleasing) aberration, rather than the norm which we should be trying to live up to. Ah well.

Now back to gazing at the lovely Christmas tree and counting down the days!

And as a four-minute break from that all-important activity, any cheese-lovers among you must check out Le Fromage Et L'Homme Moderne, a lovely little short film which makes clear the connection between cheese and the modern, swinging guy. (Just to make any nepotistic bias clear for fairness' sake, I should add that it's co-directed, co-edited and co-starring my film-student brother. But I thought it was hilarious, which, if nothing else, shows that our family at least shares the same warped sense of humor.)

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