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Christmas! - and a quick note
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This has to be a super-short journal entry, because we only have half an hour left in the cafe with wireless access (the Boston Tea Party, my favorite Bristol cafe! - I have to write this here because I can't really rationalize writing just-for-fun journal entries on the pay-by-the-minute internet connection back at the house) but I just wanted to send belated Christmas greetings to everybody. We had a lovely Christmas, with fantastic food, presents (Doctor Who Season 2 box-set, huzzah!) and better yet, really wonderful company.

And I wanted to pass on my good Christmas news as fast as possible: my story "Locked Doors" might be the lead Strange Horizons story for 2007! It's not absolutely set in stone yet, but there's a very good chance that it'll be published on January 1st. Knock on wood! If not, it'll be later that month. I'm working on the edits to it right now (to be sent off tonight, and possibly very late usual, the SH editing team gave me extremely thoughtful suggestions that are, damn it, forcing me to think very hard...slightly difficult when my mind is dulled by massive sugar overloads over the last few days!).

Merry Christmas, everybody! And wish me luck with the edits.

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