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Drama and links
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It may have been a bad idea to start today by listening to Carmina Burana over breakfast. It's hard for any day to live up to that kind of dramatic opening.

So instead of going off on today's trials and tribulations (except to say: man, am I hating rewriting right now!), I'll just point instead to some of my favorite things I've read or found out recently:
  • Doris Egan's essay on Difficult Characters. Egan wrote some of my favorite SF novels, under her own name and also the name Jane Emerson, and now she writes for the show "House", which is why I started watching it and then got addicted. In this essay, she talks a little about a character on House, but also about Buffy, Spike, and Ellen Kushner's The Privilege of the Sword. Read it!

  • Excellent news - Justina Robson's Living Next Door to the God of Love has been nominated for the Philip K Dick award! I love this book so much, and I would still love it even if she weren't a wonderful person and a good friend. I'm very happy about this. You can read a brief interview of Justina by John Joseph Adams here.

  • Updated 10 minutes later:Patrick just came home from work and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of tulips. Mmm, what a nice start to the evening. :)

Tell me your good news or links!

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