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Campbells, cakes, and Passionate Excess
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Ling's entry reminded me to finally update my profile for the Campbell award (turns out I am eligible this year - woot!). The best part of the process was realizing that my bibliography of sold/published stories had doubled since the last time that profile was updated. It was a nice feeling.

The full list of eligible nominees is definitely worth checking out, especially for anybody who's going to WorldCon this year (or went last year) and is thus eligible to vote, unlike me...

(Major major jealousy attack after talking to my brother Ben today - ohhh, WorldCon in Japan sounds fun. But this really isn't the financial year for it, for us... actually, I had major major jealousy attacks after all my recent conversations with my brother David lately, too, since he's just started his semester-abroad-in-Budapest. Oh, that beautiful city - and those incredible cafés...I can almost taste those mind-blowingly luscious White Russian Cream Cakes and Esterhazy tortes at the Café Gerbeaud...actually, maybe it's a good thing for my waistline that I'm not in Budapest right now!)

And I have a new motto for my revisions of Congress of Shadows:
Passionate Excess!

What the hell. All the turbulent emotions and stories simmering at the real heart of this novel are exuberantly over-the-top, in the way I actually love most in other people's novels. So why hold back and try to stay restrained and literary in my writing of it? From now on, I'm going for it. Passionately. :)

Read/Post Comments (7)

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