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Desserts and Soundtracks
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I finally, finally found out something vitally important today: the Dessert Salon at WisCon has vegan options! I know, I know - this is probably old news to most of you. But not to me and Patrick, who hadn't bought tickets because we figured why pay for food he couldn't eat? About two minutes after finding that out, I paid for the tickets online...and now I guess I just have to wait to see if it all works out. (I wasn't 100% sure that the computer payment program was smart enough to tell us if the Dessert Salon had already sold out...oh, but I hope it hasn't. I'm already starting to plan what gorgeous outfits we could wear, after years of ogling all the Dessert Salon photos online. Who wouldn't want an excuse to dress up in fabulous clothing, just once? Sadly, my classiest evening gown was bought 2-1/2 years ago, when I weighed about 10 pounds less than I do nowadays...but heck, I'm happy to go shopping sometime before May.)

In my continuing quest to remind myself of the joy and fun of writing (something I fell down on, to say the least, from August 30th onwards), I've bought a new CD of writing music: the original TV soundtrack to Doctor Who, seasons 1 and 2. And it is perfect! Sense-of-wonder music, exciting, fun, silly, many good feelings coming through as I type away. It reminds me of why I love the show, and no matter how hard I try, it is just impossible to clench up and think dark grim thoughts while listening to it. It's kind of like Pavlovian writer therapy...

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