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good feedback and irrational fears
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One of the nicest parts of this past weekend was reading a very good review of Locked Doors in Tangent. Hurray for positive feedback!

I also watched Jane Eyre for the second time, this time with Patrick. It's amazing how much more fun it is to watch movies (even ones I love, like this one!) with Patrick than alone. I love living with my best friend. :)

Today I stiffened my resolution, phoned up the vets, and booked Maya in to get spayed on Thursday. Eek! The problem is, although I'd always heard this was a minor surgery and no big deal, Nika actually had a really awful experience with it - she was spayed without a proper veterinary checkout beforehand and ended up being operated on while she was actually in heat, which led to her being really sick afterwards for quite a while. It was scary at the time, and it's left behind a residue of nervousness about the whole idea of the surgery itself, even though I know it's necessary. This time, the operation will be done by our very good and reliable vets, who have scheduled a thorough appointment for her that morning so that they can check Maya over for any problems before operating. Still, I'll be nervous until we get her back Thursday night, and probably for a little while afterwards. Sigh.

It also doesn't help that every time Maya has to have the simplest vet visit, I feel a deep, irrational panic left over from all of Nika's medical crises last year, and the way they all ended... It makes no sense, I know it makes no sense, and I'm not letting it keep me from doing what needs to be done for Maya's health. But I will be very relieved when the surgery is over and she's back to good health!

In the meantime, I'm about 3/4 of the way through with this draft of CoS edits and I'm just waiting now for Patrick to pass me on his crit for the climax of the novel. It's a warm day out despite the gray sky, and this afternoon I have a date for tea and conversation with a good friend. Life is looking pretty good.

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