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feeling restless
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We left Maya at the vets this morning at about 9:20 to be spayed (or, in a less reassuring phrasing, to have a full ovarian hysterectomy) (eek) (I kind of wished afterwards that I hadn't asked the vets to explain exactly what was going to happen...). We'll pick her up at 5:20, at which point we'll also get to look at the X-rays they took of her bad shoulder while she was under anesthesia. And talk about the worrisome white nodules they found scattered through her intestines during the operation, apparently.

So in other words, I'm feeling very itchy and restless and on edge and probably will keep feeling that way for at least another 2-1/2 hours...

But in the meantime, here's some of the stuff I've been distracting myself with:

  • Tate Hallaway has posted some really interesting entries on self-promotion at her blog (February 9, 12, and 14). Not that any of this is a pressing concern for me yet, but I did find it interesting...and it's always good to think about these things in advance, right?

  • I'm reading Jane Eyre and loving it all over again. What a great book. It's amazing to read something written almost 200 years ago with such emotional honesty that it resonates perfectly across the centuries. Like the old saying goes, history never repeats itself, but people always do...

  • I'm wondering about different markets, because yesterday, for the first time in (literally) years, I wrote a non-spec fic short story. It's fun, light, romantic chick lit, about 1800 words...and I have no idea what the markets are (if any!) for that kind of story. Does anyone have any ideas???

  • Only 2 more hours to go until we can get in the car to go pick Maya up....

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