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warm places poll
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So, Patrick and I were talking tonight about how good it would be to take a year out to focus on writing, and we realized that, although we could just about afford to take one year off work while living in England, it seems silly (if we're not actually working) to stay someplace chilly, damp and expensive. This is all in the realm of the hypothetical (and may always remain so), but...

In the EU, we've got Spain and Italy as cheap-ish warm, sunny places to live. I used to speak Spanish, and I think I could re-learn it; I've always wanted to speak Italian.

In America, I figure somewhere in the Southwest would be ideal - maybe California, Arizona, or New Mexico??? - but I don't know any of those areas well enough to narrow down particular towns/cities to check out. We'd be looking for a spot with warm weather, pleasant walks and cafes, a politically liberal atmosphere - and relatively cheap. (I love the Californian beach towns, like Encinitas, but I'm not sure we could afford them...I've only stopped in them for day trips, so I don't have a good idea of rents, cost of living, etc.)

Any recommendations? Again, this is mostly just daydreaming, right now, but it's fun to think about.

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