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Eek. I woke up this morning pain-free, as normal, ate breakfast, stood up, turned my head - and pain lanced through my neck. It's nothing dire, just a trapped nerve, but ouch! All day I've been holding my head very, very carefully. (It would be most comfortable to hold it permanently tilted to one side, but...I'm not ready to look quite that strange yet!) I feel like I'm doing one of those 1980s dances...

Our February issue of Realms of Fantasy finally arrived, hurray. After growing up with several lovable and insanely-macho tomcats, I chortled all the way through Eugie Foster's story The Devil and Mrs. Comstock's Snickerdoodles. I really hope this one gets repeated on Escape Pod some time - I'd love to hear it read out loud!

I've also been really enjoying reading Jenny Crusie's blog lately as she works on reincarnating an abandoned novel (starting with this entry) - really interesting stuff, especially since I've been thinking of starting again on a project I first started 2 years ago...

And of course I can't go a month without adding another Maya photo...

maya closeup

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