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Monster name, Maya, and revolutionary Paris
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Sinister Terror from the Enchanted Profane Hills

Get Your Monster Name

My Monster Name makes me very happy, especially on a day when I've had to have more blood tests, which always make me feel small and crappy. But ha! The Sinister Terror from the Enchanted Profane Hills laughs at blood tests and the puny needles that are used to take them. If she needs more blood, she just goes out and takes it herself! Bwaaahahahahaha...


This was a bit of a medical weekend, all in all, since we had to rush Maya into the vets Friday evening when we realized her stitches had gotten infected. Luckily, the antibiotics are working beautifully, and she's also adapting with surprising ease to life with an Elizabethan collar.

To relax, though, I spent a lot of time reading Philippa Gregory's new book The Boleyn Inheritance, which is just great - compellingly atmospheric, with all the hallmarks of Greek tragedy (you can just feel the inexorable doom mounting like a tidal wave to crash down on everyone in the end), and so fun and snarky at the same time. It's my favorite of hers since The Other Boleyn Girl, and probably my favorite of her books so far.

The pirate story stalled out after about 900 words, alas. I think I will finish it someday, but I'm just not in the mood for writing light, funny stories right now - my subconscious is all about big operatic, intense emotionality. I still haven't figured out the next novel, but I have gotten seduced into a very (19th-century) operatic story I'm nearly finished with, two vampiresses in love in revolutionary Paris. Needless to say, I'm listening to lots and lots of lush opera arias while I write it, and I am having an awful lot of fun. I've got about 1500 words left - here's hoping I finish it in the next couple of days.

Time to crank up "Vissi d'arte" one more time...

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