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Good news weekend!
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This weekend Patrick wrote the last 10,000 words of The Trickster, Book 2 of his awesome YA fantasy trilogy Days of Frost and Fire. Norse gods playing with people's lives in an almost-present-day Stockholm where the tourists come to snap photos of Asgard Tower and the rabble is kept in line by freaky svart√°lfar (dark elves)...SO much fun. These books are by far my favorite stories he's ever written, which is saying a lot, and I'm so excited that he's ready to revise Book 1 and finally send it to his agent for marketing. Hurray!

He's asked people to join the celebration by posting celebratory drink orders either on his main blog or on his LiveJournal. (Myself, I ordered a shot of Baileys, chilled but no ice, my favorite drink.)

In other good news, I just got the contract for my story "By the Light of the Dark", which will be published in Grendelsong later this month, hurray! This is the story (based on my favorite fairytale) that I wrote for Patrick as a Christmas gift, and I'm really looked forward to seeing it in print.

And I'm halfway done knitting my first hand-made scarf in years, made with very fun, furry yarn, colored glittery purple with a metallic sheen, but incredibly soft to the touch. Now, if I can just convince Maya that it is not one of her new toys--!

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