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Well, I think it's official now...
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Two different, independently-written quizzes agree...
Your Inner European is Italian!

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Actually, I'm not all that surprised...when I was eighteen years old and majoring in French horn performance at Michigan State University, a new music history professor arrived from Milan. She was amazing. She wore boots so cool they added at least a foot to her height, she wore clothes I didn't even know how to describe, her accent was to die for, and she said Thomas Mann was her favorite writer. By the end of the semester, not only had I decided to major in music history, but I announced to my friends and family that I was turning Italian. I scanned my face hopefully every morning for signs of darkening hair or eyes. No luck - I can't even fake a convincing Italian accent. I had to eventually resign myself to remaining hopelessly un-Italian in every external factor.

But now I have proof that at least internally, it worked... :)

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