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Gorgeous finds
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The quest for the perfect website continues apace. Patrick mocked up some beautiful parchment paper for me in Photoshop, wowing me as usual, and today he emailed me a link that kept me happy for a long time: free calligraphy fonts. Can you believe there is a font based on Jane Austen's handwriting? And that it's free? Eeeeee!!! In sad point of fact, the Jane font will probably not end up anywhere on my website...but I love it and I downloaded it anyway. Now in my moments of most geekly happiness I can see what my novels and stories would look like in her handwriting. And I am happy.

(If you're curious but not yet convinced by any of the fonts, just click on the name of the font and you'll get the opportunity to enter in sample text and see it translated. I tried out the Jane Austen font but also the Chopin Script, English, and Porcelain, which was lovely and appropriate for my novels in many ways but sadly not very readable.)

Another lovely find came when I stopped in our local co-op to pick up a padded envelope. Turned out that big, juicy, sweet strawberries were on sale at half-price. Hurray! As soon as I got home I made a big strawberry-and-banana fruit salad and tossed it all into a bowl of cornflakes with milk. A perfect mid-afternoon treat.

And one last beautifully-written but heartbreaking link...via Cherie Priest, one soldier's memories from Shock and Awe night four years ago. Incredibly sad, but important to read, I think.

I hugged Maya tight after reading it. She's one of my most gorgeous finds ever.

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