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Sitching Time...again!
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I went online last night for the first time in a record-breaking 36 hours (!!! scientists are amazed at my survival for so long between internet visits!!!) and found out wonderful news: "Stitching Time" is online as an audio podcast at Pseudopod! Unfortunately, I found out while on a pay-by-the-minute, dialup connection, so I had to sit on the knowledge until now. Patrick & I are sitting at a table in front of a window overlooking Park Street in Bristol in our favorite cafe, The Boston Tea Party, enjoying all the wonders of free wi-fi (just one of the many things that makes Bristol my favorite English city!), and as I type, I'm in the middle of downloading the podcast through iTunes. Yeah, I could have downloaded it straight from the Pseudopod website...but it feels so cool to look up Pseudopod through iTunes and see my own name listed as the "artist" for this podcast...

And now you know all you'll ever need to about what a geek I truly am!

In other news, it's a gorgeously hot, sunny weekend down in the South of England, and I spent all of yesterday, from 9am till 6pm, sitting out in the garden soaking up sunlight, studying for my Life in the UK residency test (sigh), and reading a fabulous illustrated book on the history of shoes that I won in a local raffle. I love the 16th-century Venetian chopines - platform shoes so high (up to 30 inches!) that each woman wearing chopines required two servants to hold her up. (And the church approved because the chopines restrained women from sinful activities like dancing...) Perfect reading for a day of lazing outside.

Ooh, and "Stitching Time" has finished downloading. Time to put on my headphones and listen...

Read/Post Comments (2)

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