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Locked Doors!
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This morning I woke up at the same time as Patrick (about 6:45), which meant that I got to share his early morning writing session, which he nicely spent at home with me instead of at his normal coffeeshop in town. I love it when we get to write together. It's so motivating to sit across from someone who's typing away busily at his own novel and who's also genuinely interested in what I'm writing. (And someone who would notice and frown if I sneakily turned on the wi-fi for stealthy web surfing, the scourge of writing.) By the time Patrick had to leave for work, I'd written the first 590 words of Chapter Five, and on his encouragement, I ended up writing another 500 words after he left, before I turned on the internet for my morning surf.

Which made it even better when I found a sale email in my inbox! "Locked Doors" is going to be re-published as an audio podcast at Pseudopod. Hooray! (And, although this is of course completely coincidental, it feels like nice timing for celebrating International Technopeasant Day, since I've re-sold a story which is free to read online to a market where it will be free to listen to online!) I looooove Pseudopod and Escape Pod, and I'm so excited that I'll get to hear "Locked Doors" read out loud. It's such a cool, strange feeling to hear someone else read your own story - it's the closest I'll ever get to experiencing any of my stories as if they'd been written by someone else - which is exciting and scary, all at once. I can't wait!

And on that surge of excitement, I finally figured out how to update my website myself, on my laptop. I know, I know, this shouldn't have been a big deal (especially after nearly 2 years of being a professional web editor) - but it was the first time I've done it myself since the website was updated, so the process was a little different, and I'd spent the last week feeling too nervous to try. It turns out, of course, to be ridiculously easy, so I feel both silly (for waiting so long) and also deplorably smug (because it worked).

The best part is, after a couple of weeks of feeling horribly unproductive and useless (and really depressed about it), today I feel like I've gotten a lot accomplished already, and it's not even 11am. Whew! What a better feeling.

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