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WisCon schedule
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Hurray, I have a final WisCon schedule! I'm on two panels that look really interesting:

Putting the "D" in InterDisciplinary (The Craft And Business of Writing SF&F)
Saturday, 4:00-5:15 p.m.

There are commonalities between many arts; what elements do writing, dancing, painting, cooking, and the other arts share? How does the artist, of any discipline, organize her practice for the maximum output of both quality and quantity? And do elements of one Discipline carry over into another? Louise Marley was an opera singer who now writes science fiction and fantasy; Darlene Coltrain is a jewelry artist who also paints and creates costumes for dancers; Kay Kenyon was an actress who is now a writer. The discussion will trace the interdisciplinary effects of these varied careers.
Phoebe Wray, Catherine M. Schaff-Stump, M: Louise Marley, Denise A Gendron, Stephanie Burgis


Domestic Fantasy (Reading SF&F)
Sunday, 1:00-2:15 p.m.

Many people equate fantasy with epic quest narratives, but there are also certainly well-known works of fantasy -- Crowley's LITTLE, BIG, for instance -- centered on home and the family. Ghost stories, which nearly always concern family relationships and secrets, are probably the most obvious subgenre in this category; what others can we think of? Who's writing domestic fantasy, and how does the fantastic allow writers to address domestic concerns in ways that realism wouldn't?
Alicia Kestrell Verlager, Susan Palwick, M: Ellen Klages, Mary Kay Kare, Stephanie Burgis

Susan Palwick's "The Fate of Mice" is one of my favorite SF stories ever, so I just hope I can keep myself from getting too incoherent and fangirly when I meet her! I'm really looking forward to both of the panels.

And I found a dress for the Dessert Salon! A dress for only £4.99, better yet. Much thrift shop joy! It's not quite as formal an evening gown as I'd originally planned, but it's so pretty, I couldn't resist. I'll just have to throw on some high heels and sparkly jewelry to try to magically formal-ize it. :)

Sadly, sadly, sadly, the carrot-raisin muffins didn't turn out well. It was particularly frustrating since they smelled so delicious in the oven as they cooked...but I accidentally measured in too much liquid and made the muffins about twice as big as they should have been, so they still hadn't cooked all the way through by the time the outsides started to burn. :( Oh well. Next week we'll either try them again, with the right measurements this time, or else experiment with blueberry or lemon poppyseed muffins. It's all good. But we spent last night watching really fun Torchwood episodes, I wrote 1488 new words of Kat by Moonlight this morning, and this afternoon we went out for a luscious Indian it's hard to feel too bad about one small cooking disaster. (And Patrick is such a good husband that he bravely ate one of the muffins anyway when he saw how disappointed I was about them yesterday afternoon, and he managed to tell me with a completely straight face that they were Just Fine, Really. He definitely deserves double-muffin portions as a reward next time!)

Less than a month till WisCon!

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