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More Wiscon!
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Favorite moments from the last couple days at Wiscon:
  • Hanging out with Sarah, Jenn, Chris, Kat, Jed, and Patrick in our hotel room and just talktalktalking. That felt sooooo good, and it was so much fun. It's so frustrating to have CFS and not be able to do everything I want to in terms of parties, panels, etc., but my friends have been so understanding and supportive, and it's actually brought about some of my favorite parts of the con so far. We retreated to our room yesterday just so that I could sit down and rest, but that turned out to be just perfect - an opportunity for real conversation with friends I see way too infrequently. I loved it.
  • Eating! Eating has been great at this Wiscon. Every meal we've had so far except for breakfast has been as part of a group, whether it's a small family group (SO good to see my brother after way too long!) or a big sociable group of writers. And the food has been so good! My favorite Madison restaurant so far is the Japanese restaurant on State Street. Their Tofu Teriyaki is to die for.
  • Meeting people who have actually read my stories. This is the biggest miracle of cons. When I publish a story, it really feels like it's just disappeared into the ether. It is so incredible to meet people who've actually read them - it makes me glow for hours afterward.
  • Going to readings. We went to the Clarion West reading last night and the "Magic, Mermaids and other things that start with M" reading today. Great writing, great writers. Yay!

  • Pretty soon it'll be time for the famous Haiku Earring Party. And the Farrago's Wainscot Party. And the Tor Party. And - !

    It's probably time to rest awhile until then...

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