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Waiting for the plumber...
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...because water is seeping up through our kitchen tiles.


And Patrick's back at work.


We really are home.

It's a good thing we got Maya back. Because apart from that, coming back from a vacation really sucks.


This weekend I heard a theory that when you travel by airplane, your soul arrives later than the rest of you. This makes sense to me on so many levels, in terms of how I've felt since Friday. Finally, just last night, I started to feel like maybe my soul had finally caught up with me - I was becoming myself again.

Then I made several cringe-worthy brain-zone-out mistakes, all in a row, because I was still so out of it.



I spent most of this morning's writing session reading through Kat, after 2-1/2 weeks away. (I did write during vacation...but it always turned out to be freewriting, not novel-writing. As I kept telling myself very persuasively at the time, freewriting still counts...but it doesn't count much towards the actual novel, unfortunately.) The good news is, I still really love Kat and her sisters. I even caught some foreshadowing I'd forgotten about, which I ought to make good use of in the rest of the novel.

Unfortunately, the plumber news interrupted me before I could actually write anything new, and now I'm feeling antsy and unsettled, waiting for him to arrive (which could be at any moment now, or else in a few hours). But this is my call to action for myself: I cannot blog again until I've written more of Kat! So if you don't see another blog entry any time soon, you will know the Awful Truth, and I will be publicly shamed.

On the other hand, once I do write some more (better yet, 1,000 words? or is that too much to hope for on my first day back?), I might write a quick blog entry just to confirm it.

This feels kind of like one of those sandwich calls my friends and I used to make during our master's degree program at Pittsburgh: "I'm about to write a page of the Ethno paper. Then I'll call you again to let you know I've done it, okay?" "Okay. And I'm about to read that horrible article. I'll call you back when I've gotten through it, okay?"

I'll call you back soon. I hope.

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