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not even peeking at the sandwich
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So, no 1,000 words on Kat today after all. I did write 375 this morning straight after breakfast...

...But then we left for my appointment with the CFS/ME specialist, which took up most of the rest of the morning and went about as well as could be expected. We talked for an hour, he was very pleasant, and at the end of it, he said (abbreviated): "Yes, you do have CFS/ME, and no, there isn't anything we can do about it." The one thing they do offer is that, starting in August, I can go to a support group led by one of the specialists, which will focus on learning techniques for energy management, etc. So that will be good and positive and worth doing. But, y'know. No magic pills.

Damn it.

So Patrick drove me back home, where I collapsed onto the couch with Maya on top of me, and the next time I got up was to deal with more house issues. Gaaah. Much stress.

At least the broken pipe has finally been fixed, so no new water is being added to the lake underneath our kitchen floor...but it still squishes like a waterbed with every step we take, and the smell is intense. I can't wait till it's fixed.

And yes, this is all a prolonged, unconvincing, and ultimately pointless self-rationalization for why I haven't done my 1,000 words today...

Oh well.

In better news, Coupling Season 3 ended wonderfully, and now I can't wait to see Season 4. Since it's only £7 on Amazon, I think I'm going to crack and buy myself a copy sometime this week. And since I've got my lovely new iPod, I'm thinking about getting some more music, too. I loved, loved, loved Eva Cassidy's Songbird...does anyone have suggestions for any other singers I should check out? Because, you know, my iPod is hungry for new music...

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