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good weekend, cool links
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It was a good weekend. I wrote more of Kat (including a scene where she gets her own back with a vengeance, which was just deliciously fun to write), I finished reading Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters and started Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse, and we watched A Knight's Tale, which I just completely loved. It's funny, when A Knight's Tale first came out in movie theaters, I wasn't even tempted to watch it. I remember thinking, oh, that just sounds silly. Well, yeah. It was enormously silly...and enormously fun. Any movie that's that ridiculous, that (deliberately and consistently) anachronistic, that completely over-the-top, has to absolutely Go For It without a moment of self-doubt, or else it'll completely fall apart - but A Knight's Tale handles the challenge just perfectly. I haven't laughed that hard at any movie for a very long time.

Now Maya's curled up against my legs, fast asleep, while I type this entry and listen to Richard & Linda Thompson's I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight. I've passed the two-thirds point on Kat, and I'm looking forward to seeing my youngest brother next month. We've got yummy, leftover Shepherd's Pie for dinner tonight. Life is pretty good.

And now for some of the links I've enjoyed over the past few days:
  • John Perry's essay on Structured Procrastination sets out a very funny and yet surprisingly plausible theory of how you can manipulate your own procrastination to make you more productive. I can only hope he's right...

  • The BBC radio program Weird Tales: The Strange Life of H P Lovecraft (via brisingamen) looks awesome, and I plan to listen to it online as soon as I finish writing this journal entry. With contributors that include Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link, it's hard to imagine how it could be bad.

  • Patrick has posted a copy of his story "Crab Apple" on his website. This is the story that was first published in Realms of Fantasy, then reprinted in Year's Best Fantasy 6 and Faeries (in French). It also has one of my favorite illustrations ever, which you can see on Patrick's site. A much larger version of the image (sent to us as a gift by the wonderful artist, Melissa Ferreira) is hanging in a frame at the top of our staircase right now, and it's just beautiful. If you haven't read the story yet, read it here!

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