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True Confessions Time
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Almost exactly one month ago, I was lucky enough to win a copy of Interfictions (edited by Delia Sherman and Theodora Goss) from Small Beer Press. All I had to do in exchange was post a review of the book on my blog. Easy, right? I should have posted the review by now. I planned to post it by now at the very latest. Only one problem...

I knew my youngest brother would love the collection as much as I did. And as I was running out of the house in Michigan, on my way to the airplane back to the UK, it hit me: I still hadn't lent him the copy to read, something I'd been planning to do all along. So I scooped it up out of the luggage, tossed it to him ("You'll love this!") and left.

And then, once I was on the plane, I realized: yes, I'd planned to lend him the book. But I'd been planning to post the review online first. So now I'm left in that dumb position where I remember loving the book, I remember loving particular stories--but with just one mindblowing exception (Christopher Barzak's "What We Know About the Lost Families of House", which was a haunted house story so effective and creepy and wonderful and strange that it will not leave my brain a month later!), I don't remember enough details to write a reasonable review.

So, my review is going to be embarrassingly late. Luckily, I'll see Dave in just one more month, at which point I'll get the book back from him and write a long, detailed, well-reasoned review of just how good Interfictions is. And it really, really is. It's by far my favorite anthology of the year, filled with stories that are sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, but always smart and weird and fun. I loved it. And sometime next month I'll tell you why...

But in the meantime, please go ahead and read it for yourself!

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