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Rain, pizza, movies
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The rain, it raineth every day. In Leeds it does, anyway. There's been a hard, grim, unremitting rain for days now. I'm trying to make it feel cozy - see how lovely and warm I am inside the house while it rains outside, isn't it a wonderful feeling... Sadly, that Jedi mind-trick doesn't always work, especially when I have to take Maya outside. Which I will in ten minutes. Sigh.

It was a good weekend despite the rain. Best of all, it was an anniversary weekend - as of Saturday, Patrick and I have been a couple for six full years, hooray! We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (I thought it was at least better than 2; Patrick thought it was even worse; ah well) on Saturday, then went out to lunch at Pizza Express (a really good British pizza chain) on Sunday. And Patrick had really good news Sunday morning that I am not allowed to share. Curses! I will keep nudging him to write a journal entry about it soon. :)

Meanwhile, the rain continues.

We also watched Hot Fuzz, which I enjoyed a lot despite the fact that I'm pretty sure I missed at least half the jokes from lack of context (I've barely seen any buddy-cop action films), and the Doctor Who Christmas special (between Seasons 2 and 3), "The Runaway Bride", which was enormously silly but lots of fun and just about the perfect transition between that perfect, poignant Season 2 finale and the beginning of Season 3. Now I really, really want to start watching Season 3...can't wait until the Amazon DVD rental service delivers it to us! It's one of the few times I regret not owning a television...

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