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Yesterday I opened up Kat on my laptop, stared at the words already on the screen, and promptly went into a deep funk of writer's block. Couldn't write anymore, couldn't write anymore, couldn't write anymore (because then, y'know, I might actually finish it, and then God only knew what might happen)...

And then Lisa Mantchev sent me the perfect motivational email, Patrick put down his foot ("You WILL finish it!"), and I sat down at the kitchen table this morning, opened up Kat, wrote just over 4,000 words - and finished it!

Wow. I can't believe I'm done!

Of course, this is only the first draft - and a rough first draft at that. There is a lot of work still waiting for me, whenever I'm ready to start revising...

But I am really, really happy. I love Kat and her sisters. I loved writing this novel.

I just read a perfectly-timed interview with Justina Robson about her decision to switch (for now, at least) from writing serious, philosophical science fiction novels to writing zany, funny, sf/fantasy action novels purely for fun and for her own entertainment (novels which I adore, by the way - Keeping it Real is one of my very favorite fantasy novels ever). It was the perfect timing for me to read the interview, because that's exactly what Kat has felt like to me - I kept wanting to write a big, serious, angsty, "grown-up" novel, but Kat just jumped up and hijacked me like a highwayman and wouldn't let me go. I have no idea whether anyone else will like Kat by Moonlight, but it's been enormously good for me - and just so much fun. I'd had a really bleak, difficult time with writing for several months after Nika died, and although I'd managed to keep going, it had really felt like I'd just lost the joy in writing. Writing Kat gave that joy back to me, and I'm so glad.

Patrick and I are debating between celebrating with champagne (pink or white?), wine, or Starbucks tonight. Regardless of which one we choose, I am really happy right now.

It was a good way to start the morning. :)

Read/Post Comments (7)

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