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Shocks and revelations of ignorance
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Shocking everybody, the weather in Leeds today is actually...well, no, I don't want to jinx it. But let me just say, I raced to do laundry today so that I could hang it outside, for once!

Today was a good day for me because it included a Signature hot chocolate, Volumes 1 and 2 of Fables, and a lovely baby-cuddling session. It was a good day for Maya because she got a brand-new toy and a walk with friends. Best of all, today is the day my youngest brother gets on a plane (in about 45 minutes!) to come spend a week and a half with me. Hooray!

But today is also a day when I have to admit totally un-hip confusion and ignorance.

What exactly is the point of Facebook????

I was invited by a friend to join it a couple of weeks ago, and I did. I dutifully filled out my profile. I've even added friends, when I've managed to actually find people I know on Facebook. (I'm pretty sure there are many others I know and just haven't managed to find.) My movie and book preferences are there online for anybody to find. And now....? What next? I understand blogs. I even understand MySpace, pretty much, although I don't have a MySpace account. But Facebook? What do you actually do on Facebook once you've filled out your profile and added friends? Is there a next step? I kept hoping I would figure this out on my own, but I think the best thing is to finally admit total ignorance in hopes that someone else can enlighten me...

Read/Post Comments (2)

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