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Border collie madness!
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Today has been a day of much pondering over large-scale worldbuilding issues and not much actual writing (well, okay, none at all apart from paper journaling about those pesky worldbuilding questions), but on the plus side, there was also a nice lunch at the pub with Justina and her partner & baby, a great phone call with my brother Ben, and much, much cuddling with Maya.

And speaking of Maya...

Last year, Border Collie Trust saved Maya's life when she would have been euthanized by the pound she was at in Wales. So I'm incredibly grateful to them, and we'll probably head back there again someday in the future (at least 5 years from now, probably) when we're ready to get another dog. In the meantime, I read their blog fairly regularly, and I try not to let myself look at the listings of puppies and dogs currently available for rehoming! And today I found something great: their first YouTube video!

The first 40 seconds are pretty much devoted to their fundraising message, but after that it's just border collies, border collies and more border collies, of all mixes and types...and if you love cute dog pictures (or especially if, like me, you're head-over-heels crazy for border collies), then it's definitely worth watching the video for the sheer, overpowering beauty factor of all those gorgeous dogs. Watching it made very happy - and I'll definitely be answering the call they've put on their blog for more photos of border collies to use in their next video...

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