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Motel temptations, consolations, and covers
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Okay, this probably says something bad about me, but when I read this news story about a couple who's lived in Travelodge motels for 22 years, my first thought (well, after "Travelodge"??? Why that one?) was: Hmm. No laundry, no cleaning...doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Of course, I did read that article about half an hour after realizing (upon stepping into my shower) that the hot water heater had gone off...and, as it turned out, I couldn't get it to re-light. I'm hoping that either it will have gotten over its sulk by the time Patrick gets home, or else Patrick will turn out to have magic water-heater powers. (Surely that was at least hinted at in our marriage contract? Oh, wait, no, we never did write out one of those...) In the meantime, I'm still un-showered, and motel life isn't sounding all that bad right now - at least as long as it's one of those motels that allows people to bring their dogs along, of course.

But no matter how unexpectedly grungy I am today, I did have a nice lunch to console me - leftover pizza from yesterday, and homemade brownies. (I'm having such an unhealthy week for desserts! Oh well - I'll make up for it next week.) And through a tangled web of links, I've found a new music group to listen to, Los Aterciopelados (described on their MySpace page as Latin/Rock/Pop Punk). It's definitely worth clicking onto their MySpace page - and if you're a Queen fan, you definitely have to click there so you can hear "Juegale Apuestale", their Spanish-language cover of a Queen song. (Embarrassingly, I'm blanking out on the English-language title, despite the fact I must have heard that song several hundred times in my life...urgggh. If anyone does remember the original title, please post it in the comments so I can stop obsessing about it!)

Edited to Update: Patrick just got home and immediately identified the song - it's "Play the Game" by Queen. Whew! Obsessing over. :)

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