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Saturday goodness
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First of all, the best news: I'm over the hump with my Kat by Moonlight revisions! I have stopped snarling at the world and started whistling and bouncing instead. (Which may be just as annoying to others, but which I'm enjoying much, much more!) And I've even got a query and synopsis that make me happy. My new goal: to start submitting it as soon as we get back from Edinburgh. Knock on wood for me! (This is also good news for everyone I owe email - now that I'm over my state of total obsession, I can finally catch up on all my non-Kat-related messages!)

I'm also brainstorming ideas for a new website, since the current one is beautifully reflective of my adult novels but doesn't have the right tone for Kat. This is the bit where I wish I had design skills...but I do know I want to include some kind of highwayman imagery somehow, somewhere, and a starry night-time sky - and a flirty Regency fan, maybe? And/or the mask from my current site? Hmm...

Today's Saturday, my favorite day of the week: Patrick's day off! We woke up late, had a writing session after breakfast, then headed out to the library for me to stock up on 8 new books for this week (hooray!). Afterwards, we went to the café for tea and chocolate and a read-through of Locus (for book reviews) and Empire magazine (for film reviews). Now we're back home and I'm lounging on the futon with Maya draped across my legs. I'm typing with one hand, petting Maya with the other, and occasionally taking breaks to sip my very decadent glass of afternoon sherry. All in all, it's been a very good weekend so far. :)

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