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I just found out that my short story "The Little Tailor" will be reprinted in Serendipity's November issue! This makes me really, really happy. I liked Serendipity's first issue a lot, and I'm excited about contributing to the magazine.

Right now Maya's lying half-across my lap - a compromise between her desire to lie on top of me and hold my full attention every moment of the day (at least, every moment when Patrick isn't at home - when he is at home, she just wants to play with him non-stop!) and my desire to, well, do something else during the day in addition to petting her! This way, she gets petted and I still get to type - and I'm getting very proficient at the skill of one-handed typing...

It's raining outside, but inside the house it's warm and cozy (especially with Maya acting like a hot water bottle against me!), and I've been reading Angie Sage's first Araminta Spook book, My Haunted House, which is very fun - I wish I'd had that series to read when I was a little kid! I still secretly want to be Araminta Spook, searching through secret passageways for ghosts. (Interestingly, when I looked up the Amazon link for the book, I realized that the name of the heroine was changed for the American audience: in America she's been re-named Araminta Spookie. Huh.)

Definitely time for some dark chocolate as (medicinal) celebration! :)

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